我们的故事从Dr. Edwin Cole, a neurologist from Mass General whose specialty was children with learning challenges. 他听说最好的作品是在纽约完成的. Cole packed up and headed to Manhattan where he worked with Dr. Sam Orton and psychologist and teacher, Anna Gillingham.

Orton and Gillingham’s techniques working with children struggling to read were cutting edge and showing results. 对奥顿和吉林厄姆行之有效的方法印象深刻, Cole headed back to Boston and opened a clinic and private practice. 多年来, he helped families to encourage schools to offer academic supports to the students he worked with.


当博士. 科尔遇见了F. Gorham布里格姆. 布里格姆是在帮助两个老朋友, 弗农·奥登和塞缪尔·"朱尼"·洛, to find appropriate school placements for their dyslexic sons. Brigham heard the Miss Carroll School was closing its doors in Newton and he invited Cole to take a look. In an instant, Cole realized the solution - a school designed for children with dyslexia.


Once the building was acquired and the new school formed, 他们聘请了迪恩·罗伯茨, 谁曾领导过布朗 & 尼科尔斯低年级的第一任校长. 感谢三位创始人的奉献——科尔, Brigham and Lowe—and Orton and Gillingham’s groundbreaking work, 这所学校开始初具规模. Dr. Cole credited new trustee Noah Herndon for his optimism and energy for getting things done with his banking and business background. He and fellow trustee Vernon Alden both had children with dyslexia and were dedicated parents. The Herndons would host trustee meetings in their Weston home. With their commitment and generosity as trustees as well as being parents who were desperate to find a school where their children could thrive, the new Carroll School opened with 7 students in the fall of 1967.


The school has expanded its capacity and footprint with three campuses and 419 students. The Carroll today aims to give each child what he or she most needs. 通过与研究人员合作, 医生, 和科学家, faculty are able to infuse the data to re-shape the curriculum, 实时地, 强调孩子擅长什么.

BCK体育注册官网网址 of today will not be the Carroll School of tomorrow.





1967: Carroll School opens its doors with 7 students and 3 faculty.
1971: BCK体育注册官网网址搬到了林肯的斯托罗庄园.
1971: Bounders program starts under the leadership of Michael “Strats” Stratton.
1974: 林肯体育馆建成.
1975: Alice Garside is appointed Director of Carroll’s 教师培训 Program.
1975: 卡罗尔的戏剧节目以 你是个好人查理·布朗.



1975: 艺术和木工工作室开业.
1977: 拉里·布朗加入BCK体育注册官网网址担任体育老师.
1977: 史蒂夫威尔金斯加入卡罗尔作为一名志愿者教师.
1978: 格里·怀尔加入卡罗尔担任木工教师.
1979: Carroll High School opens with 13 students and 4 teachers.
1979: 卡罗尔举办了第一个秋季节日.




1981: Bounders is featured on Evening Magazine, a WBZ-TV show.
1982: Students participate in Carroll’s first Egg Drop Challenge.
1982: Carroll’s High School celebrates its first year of graduating seniors.
1984: Mary Coombs becomes Science Department Head, a position she’ll hold until 2017.



1984: Michael “Strats” Stratton is selected by Esquire Magazine as a person who is changing America.
1985: Mike Kmetz joins Carroll School as the high school gym teacher.
1987: 在林肯市有一个Bounders ' Ropes Course '.
1987: 卡罗尔开办了一所数学教师培训学院.
1987: 卡罗尔庆祝成立20周年.
1989: 托马斯·李约瑟开始每周一次的全校集会.




1991: Carroll raises $1 million in its largest endowment campaign to date.
1992: 卡罗尔举办了第一个特别访客日.
1992: Carroll celebrates 25 years of educating children with dyslexia.
1993: 学生的表现 突破这是一部关于阅读障碍的戏剧,由卡罗尔的老师们创作.
1995: The BCK体育注册官网网址 holds its first Step Up Night for 5th graders.



1996: Carroll opens new building, later dedicated as the Copacino Building.
1996: 新的斯波尔丁表演艺术中心开业.
1997: 卡罗尔举办了第一次返校活动.
1999: Hillcrest School grants Carroll $298,000 for its Center for Teaching and Learning.
1999: Carroll School celebrates Alice Garside’s 90th birthday.




2000: Carroll students talk about dyslexia for a segment on the cartoon, Arthur.
2000: 林肯’s Needham Station is dedicated to former Head, Thomas Needham.
2001: Carroll receives its first $1 million gift from a Carroll family.
2001: 卡罗尔举办了第一个家长探访日.
2001: Students honor firefighters from Brooklyn Battalion 57 who lost their lives on September 11.
2002: 卡罗尔启动了研究生项目, now known as the Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate 研究 in Education.


BCK体育注册官网网址的Gatehouse Birdhouse公司

2005: 史蒂夫·威尔金斯被任命为校长.
2005: 卡罗尔增加了初级读者项目.
2005: The Gatehouse Birdhouse Company project starts in the 5th grade program.
2006: Everyone@One launches to provide ongoing professional development.
2007: Cognitive program begins in the lower grades based on the work of Dr. 皮亚杰.
2009: Carroll purchases the former Bartlett School in 沃尔瑟姆.




2010: The BCK体育注册官网网址 moves to its new 沃尔瑟姆 campus, under the leadership of Sue Kingman.
2012: Carroll Nine program launches, helmed by Kurt Moellering.
2012: Carroll School students participate in Dyslexia Leadership Summit.
2013: 针对性认知干预 program starts for students in grades 6-8.
2013: Carroll begins 5-year plan to exit the MA Chapter 766 program.



2015: Carroll rolls out new class schedule to better meet the academic & 每个学生的社会需求.
2015: 卡罗尔庆祝联合创始人F. 小哥翰·布里格姆.
2016: Carroll develops and launches the 针对性认知干预 platform.
2017: 卡罗尔在韦兰买了房产, creating space for the 上学校 campus and new athletic fields.




2017: Carroll celebrates 50 years of educating remarkable students.
2017: Osa Osagie is hired as Carroll's Director of Equity and Inclusion.
2018: "Carroll Courses" launches to train teachers in Carroll's five core teaching strategies.
2018: Diversity Professional Learning Communities start to provide a space for faculty and staff to have brave conversations about race and social justice.




2020: 卡罗尔成功地筹集到了32美元.700万美元,这是它有史以来的第一次资本竞选, 如果没有卡罗尔.
2020: Carroll reinvents its programs for remote learning to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2021: Steve Wilkins retires as Head of School after 16 years of extraordinary leadership.
2021: Dr. 格林菲尔德以校长的身份回到BCK体育注册官网网址.