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欢迎收看阅读障碍新闻 & 博客作者:Carroll School. Here you will find the latest news and resources from Carroll and beyond about education, 难语症, and data-informed instruction for educating the whole child.




做你自己, 大胆地. 在卡罗,归属感不仅仅是一种感觉. It's a place, a presence, and a collective experience.




As part of our commitment to expanding awareness of 难语症 and learning differences, Carroll School is proud to be a founding school of a new education organization focused on collaborating and advocating for students with learning differences. The 劳工处学校协会 (ALDS) is a new non-profit, private school organization including over 50 founding schools across the country and in Canada that serve students with learning differences.

Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

作为卡罗尔的家长,我的角色是什么? 我能做什么或者应该做什么来支持我的孩子? I’m asked this question often, particularly among families new to our community. 我很乐意提供一个具体的答案.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Critical to Student Outcomes
Dr. rensame Greenfield,学校博客负责人

在卡罗尔, our approach to parent-teacher conferences is purposeful and straightforward, 并引发了一些非常有影响力的会议, 反过来, 学生的结果. Learn how conferences are designed to support students throughout the school year and beyond.

这是Detra Watson,低年级部主任

I am thrilled to extend my warm greetings to the Carroll Community in my new role as the BCK体育注册官网网址 Division Head. It is with great humility and honor that I have been selected to lead the wonderful students, 工作人员, 和卡罗尔的家长们. My primary goal is to foster an inclusive and vibrant learning environment that caters to students with language-based learning differences, as well as the dedicated teachers and 工作人员 who support them. Learn more about my educational philosophy, fun facts about me, 和更多的.

Building trust through the art of play and Carroll Multis
Josh Mulready,中学创客老师

中学 Makers teacher Josh Mulready embodies a “let’s try it” attitude that permeates the Arts and Innovation (A&1)林肯中心. Whether an idea for two popsicle sticks or a complex 3D printed object, 鼓励学生不断尝试. “I tell students that their only limitation is how much they’ll allow themselves to imagine,”乔希说。.

The gradual transformation of 9th graders from self-doubt to self-advocacy

When students arrive at Carroll, our first priority is getting them to 买的 学习. 我们从入学面试开始. 我们告诉学生, “到目前为止,学校一直是一项观赏性的运动, you’ve been watching your parents and teachers hash it out. 到此为止. 在卡罗,这是你和老师之间的事. 你说了算.”

A tutor's journey from 难语症 parent to Orton-Gillingham educator

When her son was diagnosed with 难语症, Diane Hutchinson felt helpless. “在这里, 我拥有特殊教育硕士学位, 特殊教育教师执照, 还有初级教师执照, 但我不知道如何帮助他.” Having heard about Carroll’s reputation and its Orton-Gillingham courses through the Garside Institute for 教师培训 (GIFTT), 黛安娜急于报名.



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